Philips Innergize

Which lamps are there in your Philips or Hapro Innergize? 

In each Innergize there are 4 lamps, 2 tanning lamps and 2 infra-red lamps.

The long gold-colored lamps are the infrared lamps, which have a delivery time of approximately 2000 hours. If the infrared lamp is defective, the tanning lamp, which is behind the infra-red lamp, also does not work. So if you have a tanning lamp that does not, check the infra-red lamp.

The tanning lamps are the short lights behind the gold-colored infrared lamps. These lamps have a lifespan of about 400 to 500 hours.


All type numbers, including:

HB 933
HB 935
HB 937
HB 945
HB 947
HB 8550
HP 8565
HP 8580

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iSOLde Licht HPA Synergy 300 watt

104,5 mm lang, R7s lampvoet. Voor alle Innergize apparatuur van Philips en Hapro Direct uit voorraad leverbaar.
€ 29.50 incl tax

Infra-red lamp for Innergize

15040R, 230V, 1100W, 25,3 cm
€ 74.95 incl tax

Eye Protection

UV oogbescherming voor de zonnebank. Direct uit voorraad leverbaar.
€ 3.50 incl tax