Below are some of the most frequently asked questions. If you ask they do not adequately answered please feel free to contact us via form below. 

I have the new lamps installed but a one or more lamps do not work? 

There are several possibilities why the lamps don't work. 

If there is no light at all: 
Filter (glass) is not properly placed, some units have failsave for this. 
Device is not properly folded out, the device must be fully folded (security) 

If some lights not working, lighting or make a crackling sound: 
Lamp is not seated properly, the placing of the lamp needs to be exact. The cap consists of a small contact point that should make full contact with the saucer on both ends of the lamp. When you place the lamp you should rotate the lamp on its axis a few times, this can only be done a tiny bit to either side, the contact point will that connect in the saucer. 

In my manual it says that my SunMobile has a facial tanner, which lamp should I use ? 

The facial tanner lamp is equal to the other lamps (Philips Cleo HPA 400 or S Hanau 400 SL).

How does a HPA lamp work? 

The folding of Alisun sunlamps, Palm Beach and Philips and Sunshower use HPA lamps. These are small, very powerful UV lamps with a power of 250-600 watts. This type HPA lamp not only ultraviolet light to tan, but also infrared to your body temperature. You know that when a cloud the sun, the temperature drops. This is not because the temperature drops but not because you feel more infrared. Besides, the UVA and UVB light also UVC, UVC is very harmful and may you never blink without the filter glass! 

The infrared light that the HPA is you may also not be confused with devices in addition to the HPA lamps even have separate infrared lamps are installed. With these devices you can choose between HPA lamps (for tanning) or only infrared (only for warmth, relaxation). Under a tanning lamp you can spend a limited time (about 20 depending on skin type) if you are still too long you might burn. However, infrared heat and is actually just as long as you can lie under as you want. 

HPA-pressure mercury lamps are discharge lamps. So there is no filament in an incandescent-like or halogen. The light is caused by a 'flash' between two electrodes. A gas discharge can only start when cold. This means that when an HPA-tanner off, you can not immediately put back on. If the lamps are cooled sufficiently, it takes about 3 minutes, you back on the sunbed. 

HPA lamps last about 750 hours into. After this time, just keep the lights burning, but the UV output is so low that you are significantly longer subject to the same result. You do not really need to keep track of how many hours the lamps. It is best to replace the bulbs if you think tanning too slow or that your tan is reduced. 

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