AnyBody HandGel with 70 % alcohol

Apply a small amount of hand gel to dry hands. Then rub the hands thoroughly (about 30 seconds) until they are dry. DO NOT use a towel or water. After a few seconds you will have dry and hygienically cleaned hands.

In addition to 70% alcohol, the product contains care ingredients so that your hands do not dry out or become rough, even with long-term use.

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AnyBody HandGel 100 ml with 70 % alcohol

70% Alcohol
From € 7.95 incl tax

AnyBody HandGel 200 ml with 70 % alcohol

70% Alcohol
€ 13.95 incl tax

AnyBody HandGel 500 ml with 70 % aclohol

70% Alcohol
€ 24.95 incl tax